Fang's Stats and About: 24 year old Bangkok escort.

About Fang

This is my birth month. My birthday was 15 days ago.

I am a real university student and also work so I don't have a lot of time but I am available. Please only serious bookings with no cancellations as I am a busy girl. Because of my classes, my typical availability schedule is below.

Monday - Thursday: I am available starting after 20:00 (8:00 pm)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: I am available after 17:00 (5:00 pm)

Listing Status: Independent Bangkok escort.

Availability Status: At the moment, I am not booked today and I am scheduled to be available today, but I haven't checked in yet to update my status. I often forget to do this so don't worry if you want to meet me today. So I still might be available today. You can simply complete my Booking form to request to meet me today or any other date and I'll quickly confirm the booking if I am available.

I joined this cooperative of independent escorts + because I am friends with current or past escorts: Friends of Tara, Cat, Lilly, Apple.

♂♀ Gender: 100% Female escort +

Location: escort seeing clients in Bangkok +

Age: 33 year old +

🎂 Birthday: 4th of June

Height: 157 cm - 5 feet, 1 inches +

Weight: 47 KG - 103 lbs +

Bust: 78 cm - 30 in

Waist: 67 cm - 26 in

Hips: 88 cm - 34 in

Cup Size: A cup - 100% Natural - Real +

👠 Shoe Size: 37 Thai

Braces on teeth: no +
     updated 2nd April 2019 23:35

Tattoos: None.

English: Some - Can understand and communicate a little.

Other languages: +

🚬 Smokes: Never.

🍸 Drinks: Sometimes.

🏥 Date of last STD Test: 30th March 2019
     updated 2nd April 2019 23:35

🏥 Date of last HIV Test: 30th March 2019
     updated 2nd April 2019 23:35

Sexual Orientation: Straight - I only see men

Companion For: escort for Gentlemen

Please be aware that I prefer to meet repeat or VIP clients and may or may not agree to meet you if you are not. You can simply join my VIP Program to become a VIP client if I refuse your booking request. Also, if you want to schedule time with me, but refuse to send in a booking request form and want to book via phone or email I'll also decline your request.

🚫 No boss, no pimps, no gang leader, no boyfriend taking my money. I am a fully independent escort. I am friends with the girls at which is a cooperative friends who are independent escorts. They are my real friends or at least friends of friends as only friends and family are allowed to join the cooperative. Like them, I don’t work for anyone. We are a cooperative of independent friends NOT an agency.

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